These are a series of poems about the triumphs and tragedies of Vincent Van Gogh. May he rest in peace.

A Series Of Poems About The Life Of Vincent Van Gogh

An Artist



Suffering in vain.

Van Gogh loved, he laughed,

But insanity was his epitaph;

But stubbornly he stuck to his spiritual path--

Triumphing in victory,

By being made immortal in history.

Sunflowers Part I

Bathed in delight,

Enveloped in the light,

I gasp, I sigh,

Never have I

Seen such beauty!

Sunflowers Part II

Bright colours galore

Art you can't ignore!

The yellow of the sun--

Not to be outdone.

People gather, people stare

Caught in the air

Of genius.

Sunflowers Part III



Shining in the viewer's face

The peace and hospitality

Despite all the tragedy

Painting for him was a release

When hardships never ceased

Finding that ray of light

Beauty never out of sight,

A brilliant mind

Art history can't deny is genius,

Being an artistic tactician--

Fulfilling his creative mission.

Van Gogh

His paintings so tranquil

His colours so dear

His insanity hiding underneath the veneer.

He enjoyed life

Despite all his strife

And had a heart of gold

With so many stories that had to be told.


Love supreme.

Supporting a dream.

Heart unconditional.

Actions unforgettable.

Giving and kind.

Instrumental to humankind.

Inspired and devoted

A brother whose faith is forever noted.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 1192 times
Written on 2006-09-19 at 05:39

Tags Painter  Vincent  Theo 

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Sandy Hiss
I think you have a great idea going here. I never thought of writing little tribute poems such as these. I enjoyed reading them.

keith nunes
wonderful idea alison and well done! i love the guy's paintings and followed his tragic life too. so i enjoyed this

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
A powerfu lwrite about this very self tortured artist well done rgds mike