A poem inspired by the mysterious and also frustrating world of computers.


A world beyond me...

A world not fully under my comprehension...

Another dimension: technical, the analytical, logical,

Dominate the domain...

Kevin the captain who steers me through

These choppy waters...

As I experience a voyage not familiar;

A voyage that I find peculiar...

Alice going down the rabbit hole...

Taking that red pill: opening your eyes to a world unknown...

Magical, nonsensical, and purely perplexing...

A world that is not my own;

But the voyage in a ship stewarded by Smith

Is interesting, sometimes wondrous, and my mind

Is ironically renewed.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 906 times
Written on 2006-09-10 at 11:12

Tags Kevin  Computers  Voyage 

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Amanda K
yeah, log in the computer and another world will open his doors to you. owe a lot to that invension and you who gave it credit.

Amy Buchanan
I understand a little about computers. My younger brother is the one who taught me to use a computer 7 years ago. He is a computer genius, I will never know as much as him. He is my computer technical advisor. I still call him if I have a computer problem I can not solve on my own. Good work!