This poem is inspired by the movie, "King Kong".


Carl Denham--injustice that deadens a creature's heart and soul
a doomed destiny unfolds from haunted Skull Island--
to becoming a freak show on a small island;
animal rights so lacking
a production that doesn't care if it's financial backing is based on
exploitation and abuse
entertainment merely a ruse
for taking advantage of a unique form in nature
Kong's anger releasing
his vengeance demanding
compassion and kindness
a charateristic that defines us
but can be lacking in the name of big business:
greed being definitive
sadness, resignation, isolation
so many emotions in motion
a look into Kong's eyes
a human quality that Defies
Savage Impressions
and Grievous Misconceptions
no loving intervention could save him
Ann went out on a limb--
concerned, and doing what was right was paramount on her mind;
but man's fear of untamed nature was implicit in design
and the great "beast" fell after his last breath
to be a spectacle among the public
A Ravenous Republic
which swooped in on the "free" show
which is a final blow to a creature's dignity
which was destroyed by a man
who wanted Money and Infamy.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 902 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 09:28

Tags Ape  Kong  Denham 

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keith nunes
yeah, well said!