Thoughts on the prairies as opposed to living in Vancouver, Canada.



Complicated terrain...

A serious bane...Something profane...

Silver bullets pelting the ground...Sound Surround

drip, drip, patter, patter,

Time stands still, it doesn't matter

Vancouver days...sadness ablaze

Depression a phase until the light comes out

And jubilation comes about

Joy for the rays of gold

Singing, dancing, happiness being bold

Longing for the prairie sky

A beauty that puts the majesty, the brilliancy of pastel colours mixed with an orange wash into the foreground; staring forever, emotions soaring like a thrush, singing and warbling never in a rush Feelings incarnate... you'd better believe it...masterpieces in an Albertan sky The
ocean of air a canvas for God's work--which no one can shirk; magic, loveliness's a miracle all in God's design...A prairie landscape
that can never be outdone--not even by Vancouver's allusive sun.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 1060 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 09:55

Tags Prairie  Vancouver  Rain 

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keith nunes
picturesque! great painting