This poem is inspired by a series of commercials talking about significant people, things, or events in history.

Jewels Of The Sea

Pearls--symbols of the moon...

nature in tune:

result of a defense mechanism, an iridescent vision coming from one of the sea's secluded daughters: member of the marine ones...

Oestridae...the Oyster

A glowing example, a jewel shut away in an aquatic cloister...

Desired by royalty, inspiring people's fantasy, classic, a globe of
light; unique in it's luminosity, a trademark of style: part of
Coco Chanel's look...that's all it took to be part of an image
so sublime...
An image so fine--pearls, jewels from the deep, a foreign object in a
shell becomes so sweet, a commodity of the elite...

Crystalline Lining

A Treasure Defining One Of Nature's Finest Rarities...

A miracle beyond measure--signifying beauty and space...

A gorgeous bauble for the human race--

It's funny how this thing becomes so valued when it
came from dubious beginnings...

But there it is, the pearl which is the heart of the ocean--

A thing celebrated, embraced, not an object to be

Priceless Gloriousness has just begun:

Nature's gift made under the sun.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 629 times
Written on 2006-08-23 at 05:22

Tags Jewel  Pearls  Irony 

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Extremely beautiful and vibrant...I love this poem!

keith nunes
one of the sea's secluded daughters - one of the best lines I've seen this week, really good