This poem is inspired by my boyfriend's piano playing at a conservatory in Alberta.

Ignited By Ivory




Wings On A Prayer

A Meditative Soothsayer

A Musical Mantra

Not Echoeing Sumatra

Flowing and Growing...
Ecstasy developing--a musical instrument for all time,
Hearing like sipping on a fine wine Heavenly above
Angels in a warm alcove: singing with the notes
Nothing is remote from the truth of evangelical harmony
Musical spirituality
A rainbow of music
A feeling you can't lose it
A love for all time
Never a fine line between mastery and heart
A wonderful arch between emotions and the mind:
What a great find...
A musical discovery, a revelation--an entity soaring above
The Clouds
Never feeling too aloud--
A miracle in sight: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach saw the light
Beams of inspiration, a musical extrapolation
Art so fine
Never bitter like a piece of lime
Sweet and True
Never without a view of joy and enlightenment
A Sense Of Refinement
Gathered together...synergy
Sacred moonlight
Rays so right
Aligned with the planets, the stars
Beauty never far
Harmony in the universe with




Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 731 times
Written on 2006-08-23 at 06:40

Tags Music  Piano  Ivory 

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What beautiful music this, excellent imagery..wonderful poem--bravo!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
wow absolutely beautiful so too the piano i can see rgds mike