Reflected and rejected

I sent back as a mirror image
and turn it down
I cast back


is a change over time

from rational to non-rational

individual decision-making

from previously . . .

law-abiding to law violating

individual behaviours

from previously . . .

virtuous to iniquitous

individual moral behaviours

I chose the moral
for my individual
and behaviour

And I chose
to be me, myself!
To seek and find
what is right
and wrong

I chose that
life is a mystery
and the answers
they are out there

I looked in the mirror
and open a new dimension
where the journey is not the time
it is in space without time

Time control, brainwash!(?)
Beyond time, soul born!(?)

Seeking the place . . .
where my soul belongs to!
and the journey
is not in control

Because out on the journey
I find so many answers
and so many roads
some good but many bad

So I have to chose my destiny
in my person and own behaviour
out on the journey far away
things is not black and white
sometimes they are grey

But when the grey becomes GOLD
and YOU have found the way
to your innocent child
and your third eye can see
what you think was not real

The sixth sense the telepathy way
of the five faculties of perception
(sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste);

The philosophy of perception
concerns how mental processes
and symbols depend on the world
internal and external to the perceiver

Poetry by Dan Cederholm
Read 233 times
Written on 2006-08-26 at 12:42

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