This poem is inspired by a documentary series on society's obsession with appearance: losing weight too fast; and going for plastic surgery.

Vanity Insanity

It was a silicone implant...
A woman who could have made a rant--
But she said she wasn't angry; but that doesn't seem to be:
Robbed of her potential and health; her experience being her
Only wealth of knowledge and information: Unfortunately,
Based on exploitation by big money, greed run amuck:
Patients' well-being, safety doesn't matter
What the fuck--
3X more likely to have Brain Cancer
4X more likely to commit suicide
What a dangerous ride for vanity--
It's insanity...
To Die To Look More Beautiful:
It's so irrational--
Women caught in a cage;
Some women rage--
Chained by society's expectations of femaleness
Unrealistic in its definitions
Women, we must all unite--
And do what's right; and just love ourselves
Do not dwell into doing things because of low self-esteem:
A dangerous fiend which leads to self-destruction
In The Quest For Physical Perfection
Women we're all right;
The scale shouldn't define us;
The male view of female beauty shouldn't confine us;
Bathe In The Light Of Respecting Ourselves, Our Bodies
So This Craziness Does Not Occur
If this happens, patriarchy producing images of Barbie Dolls
Will Disappear; and More Realistic Images Of Women will
Reappear; so women aren't starving themselves, cutting up
Their bodies in the name of Beauty...
Society must do its duty and say NO--
Because if we don't, more women will die in the blink of an eye
Pursuing An Unrealistic Image Of Beauty That Is Based On A Lie.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 528 times
Written on 2006-08-27 at 22:47

Tags Appearance  Vanity  Health 

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keith nunes
you've hit the nail right on the head!

Rob Graber
That's telling it like it is--or should be!

Zoya Zaidi
'Pursuing An Unrealistic Image Of Beauty That Is Based On A Lie. '
I am with you dear Alison.
At last there is a sensible soul here amongst us women telling us the right thing.
Let's do it!
Welcome to the bay from my side Alison!
I will call you sensible alison, if you don't mind?
Love, xxx, Zoya