This was written shortly after the death of Madeline Mitchell who was murdered by her husband. He turned the gun on himself in front of their two children. Her father along with officials in Virginia had a shelter built for women and children that are abu

The Abused

They fall, like leaves crushed beneath the cruel boot.
Their shame hangs about them,
Like an albatross on the ancient mariner.
Who will see? Who will care?
But I see, and I care.

Their tears are mingled with the blood,
As it flows doen their cheeks.
It matters not their age or social status.
Who will see? Who will care?
I see, I care.

Neither race nor sex makes a difference,
To a court already blinded,
In the unbalanced scales.
Who will see? Who will care?

For God does care, he sees it all.
And in his hands the scales are balanced.
None shall escape that have mained.
For when it is asked who see or who cares?

I have seen and I care.

Poetry by Judy T Lloyd
Read 824 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 15:03

Tags Abuse  Society  Justice 

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Jessica Rexroat
This poem spoke to me in a very speacial way. The subject, abuse, is a very personal one for me. You honored the subject and the victims. Well put, Well written and Beautifully stated.

Leif H T Strand
It is a very important statement to all of us, when we proclame that we care about something. We dont do it as often as we should.

Alfred Iwerebor
This is a question we should all answer, "do I see, do I care?"
This poem is so touching and deeply moving. The questions it asks will prick the conscience of many and open the eyes of others to see the evil of a culture that wont bother to see or care further than itself

Audrey Barber
We must now try not to let them fall again
For God has given us each a goal.
He cares yes he does.
But if we see and if we care
Then lets us guard them
For they need us now.
They that are abused
Will trust no one
We must then help them build again.
They are are children
After all

Lovely write very emotional.