This is just a piece that came into my mind. You know the kind of thing that is a mystery to you. Two days ago a couple wrecked their car on on a long stretch of road in a rural area. They hit a tree and she was killed instantly. He however was thrown fr

Night Soul Woman

I see you walking Night Soul Woman.
Some say you are a ghost and others
say you are a myth.
But I wonder as you wander,
what it is that you seek.
The deepening mists surround you
like a cloak.
Perhaps you are sent to warn
and to remind them.
That the road is long and dark
and many others are in the night.
Some that would snatch away the soul
and take it for keeps.
Yet in the darkness the light from
your aura does not alarm me.
But I am mystified as to who it will
be tonight.
Once I even saw where she had lain.
The woman who had died upon impact
when they hit the tree.
Perhaps you were the one that made
the logger slow down
to see her husband in the road.
I don't know but he said
there was someone there beside him.
And yet when he had gotten out
the image disappeared.
I suppose Night Soul Woman that
you alone has the secret.
And can answer the call of the Hoot Owl
as he speaks to you in the night.
The night is not to fear but to hold dear,
one only fears that has a reason to do so.
Or carries the cause of fear to another.
Yet the Night Soul Woman while either
ghost, myth or illusion walks where she will.
Against a luminous moonlight and with the
other souls of the night.
She belongs to it and the night belongs to her.

Poetry by Judy T Lloyd
Read 1206 times
Written on 2006-09-15 at 04:44

Tags Mystical  Spiritual  Nature 

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David L Wright
Nicely done tribute to the shadowy world of darkness. Reminds me of a lonely stretch of desert highway, draped in fog, where not a drop of water flowed. Good write.

keith nunes
an eerie feel to this made me read on and glad i did

A beautiful ode to something that was so tragic!!!

Kathy Lockhart
this is a haunting mystical story that caught me with the title and kept me with the text. : ) kathy

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Wow!Breathtaking and fun read at the same time!