fond memories od something most aren't fond of

Ol' Couch

Old couch, anothers' burden,
So many memories lie within these tattered cushions
a now sweet malodor a mere constant strolls down memory lane
Summers of me dwindling away time watching Cosby Show
While my prohibited snacking added to its defamed
Ugly brown and yellow flowers offset the malcontent cream colored tapestry.
Still memories,
Still images of my Grandfather sitting on this couch
Visiting with members of this church
kicking heels laughing at jokes I probably would notunderstand
Memories of me and my friends on this ranting foolish dictations
About how we were going get filthy rich and deal the world
The semblance of me and my brother wrestled and tussled atop that couch
my first kiss arose from those very seams.
This couch is that couch, tossed unlawful alongside Foster Road
But of all things, the memories lie within the folds of that dismal couch
That sits there. Like society, now you're someone elses forsakened burden.
How I miss that ol' couch the but the lessons learned live (now) in a humdrum memory
My humdrum memories.

Poetry by wolfthepoet
Read 855 times
Written on 2006-09-26 at 09:37

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Beautiful. Yes, the old things are so precious. They carry life within.

Thank you!

an interesting take on how some material possessions become such a part of our lives and can hold so many memories...sentimental pieces we find sometimes hard to discard.

great writing ..i enjoyed reading

Michael G
Sounds like you and that couch have been through alot! Nicely done