Hello everybody, I know its been a minute, well heres something from my upcoming poetry & prose book. Please let me know opinion whether good or bad, if you know me, you know I can take it. Thanks

Modus Vivendi (A Temporary Compromise) Version I

I've sought you, and then I've lost you
Now I recess silently.
Valiant seraphim croons the light gale
While the Devil on heavy shoulders damn the tributary
And I to rest in rickety dvan like cigar smoke shared between
ol' comrades till the daybreak

Poetry by wolfthepoet
Read 906 times
Written on 2006-12-05 at 04:11

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i love the imagery here
love the title
what it conveys
and love that its different and makes me think
great work woofie

Wow, this was a pleasure to read, your use of language is very powerful, it reminds me of shakespeare where not only the meaning of the words add to the passage but also the rhythm and other meanings of the word. Purley magnificent.


P.S. I like your name