It's been awhile

Patty Larceny

She appears at your table no faster then you can thoughts can conceive;
Her smile riddled with dismay and crafty purpose

A scantily clad knitted skirt, high on the thighs, good on the eyes
A blouse showing potential, and mid-calf boots made for walking-
Though we know the rest of that song.

Bouncy chestnut hair that sway ferventlywaist high
the sinuous sway of her walk
A dulcet stranger all the way on the outside
Her worth, is depending on the kindness of strangers.

Her cherry lips are wild and flirtatious, enough to entice any laddish man
While a wink of her shadowy eyes would break you down.
She seems rather bold as she mounts sitting patrons,
While at the same time never demeaning herself.

Patrons pour countless dollars, into her purse
Though she'll leave you high and dry
She let you think you stand a chance
I laughed at men who say they'll never be any ones sucker,
Well, they were tonight-
duped handsomely.

She doesn't carry a weapon nor use idle threats,
Yet with a switch of the hips,
She'll rob you blind--
She always does.

Poetry by wolfthepoet
Read 720 times
Written on 2010-09-15 at 05:19

Tags Harem  Lust  Waitress 

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