hi this a poem from my book tell me how ya like it,

What Now Little Man?

We'll tread and tread 'til our boots grow weary and tired,
People like you and me Sir, we'll never be admired.
So what now little man?

Had to grow up fast from boys to men
Livin' and cryin' is where the similarities end

These last days filled with ambitious souls and timid malaise
As the sun beats us down with the whip of it's infernal blaze

Don't fear the mounful cries of the riverside divide
Knowing the only fearful opponent is the one inside

Fell from grace to be bapitized be fire,
People like you and I will never be admired.

That worst is over and were the only ones to fear
Through this tenacious struggle, friend we are here
What now little man?

Poetry by wolfthepoet
Read 950 times
Written on 2006-12-21 at 18:43

Tags Sadness 

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tony legba
Some of the rhymes are clever: malaise/blaze.
Some are not complete: men/end.
Given the precision in some places, these para-rhymes sound too casual.

There is a richness in some of the imagery--"Fell from grace to be baptized by fire". Has the power of Baldwin. I struggle to find a flow of thought through the poem, however, and it feels somewhat disjointed.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
I enjoyed it. Has me thinking and wondering about the Little Man.

Ah, very thought-provoking indeed. Excellent job!