a love story gone wrong

him and his i LOVE you's

Oneday he says i love you then...
all of a sudden he says its over and your heart is broke.
Like a week later he says hes sorry, and that he still loves you with all his heart and he wants you back in his life.
So you say it is okay babe i would take you back anyday...
You say ill love you with all my heart and he said ill love you forever and always.
Well oneday always and forever ends, and he says "I only took you back so you wouldn't kill yourself over me."
Then the next day on the news He hears about this girl killing herself.
and he wonders what did I do to her.
Why did she do this... i really didn't mean for her to be hurt.
I want to be with her so bad the boy says...
Then that night he kills himself just so he can be with her once again.

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 397 times
Written on 2006-10-18 at 06:14

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wow! that is a great poem!! i love it!! it brought tears to my eyes!! keep the great work up!!