A True Note Of Mine

My Side Of The Love Story

So far I've spent from 12 am to 1:44 am looking at your picture,

I jus cant stop thinking of you,

I Cant Get You Off of my mind it wont let me for some reason,

because for all that time i was cold,

but when i thought of you and looked you in the eyes,

It felt like i Caught on Fire.

So I Layed Your Pictures Across My heart,

and then my heart, it started to beat faster and faster so i kept it there.

I just want to come home and see you, I miss you so much.

see i miss your kisses, your face, and your hair running through my fingers.

I lay on my bed each night and look out my window

 For some odd reason i see you there looking at me and smiling at me.

Everytime im alone in this hotel i always picture u sitting beside me,

and we look at each other like we always do,

but when i look away and then look back at you,

your gone

and thats when i feel like my whole body breaks down.

Love You,

Your One And Only

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 805 times
Written on 2009-06-15 at 10:58

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