Just another thought fighting to break free

The Fallacy of Men

Within the minds of many
Lies a hidden false truth
Hidden becuase we don't realize
False because we don't accept
Every move made is our decision
When confronted with a fault
No matter how minute
Or significant in the end
We,as men, deny this presence
Not because of an acceptance
But rather of pride
No man is perfect in anyway
Yet we refuse to admit any fault
A sense of denial dawns upon the scene
A time of reject and false illusion appear
Until we can not only accept the fact of fallacy
But come to terms with imperfection
We, as men, we be the poison
In our own imminent destruction

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1551 times
Written on 2006-12-19 at 01:59

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Getting to that point is hard enough for most; anting to get there is step one. What to do when you've arrived is what counts, tho'! Perahps realizing from step one that we are doomed if we struggle through this on our own.

You have expressed an important acknowledgment in a way that might make many people want to ask for some help, perhaps even cry out for help.


The Nxt LeveL
Greetings Cool, I have to admit. Upon first site, I thought you may have been a little brother just putting words together trying to find his voice. But after reading this piece. I was wrong. You have a voice and insight. Very impressive. I'll be watching.

Brooke Michelle
For Once I Kbow Wat To Say Bout Someone elses Poem I Know Someone Like This I think Lol But I Love This Poem *favs*


A very interesting write and food for more thought (I think)

Kathy Lockhart
your thought broke free, spread its wings and soared!

Ariel Bennett
This was deep. I loved every line and every word. You are so smart!! Lol some people would get jelous seeing your work compared to theirs. GREAT JOB!!!