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1. This Path ~4th and Final Revision~
2. Turning the Tables
3. Reflections in the New Year
4. Quite a Crazy Mind
5. Sunset Impalement
6. True Colors In Season
7. The Fallacy of Men
8. Complicated Thoughts
9. Confined Beliefs
10. Coastal Winds
11. Winter Mist
12. Midnight Healing
13. There is No Excuse....But Sorry
14. Elemental Destruction Part 1: Water
15. Elemental Destruction Part 2: Fire
16. Elemental Destruction Part 3: Earth
17. Elemental Destruction Part 4: Air
18. My Innocents
19. Quiet Acceptance
20. A Few Proverbs for life ~Proverb Challenge~

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In Deep Thought
Poetry by

Thinking in itself provides a spiritual release and allows for a healthy mental balance.

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