Written on my Father's deathbed.

Death is an Insomniac's Dream

He's dead to me
But not to the world.
They keep hoping
But I can feel his cold.

They say he feels no pain,
But I see the cold sweat on his lip,
The grey shadow of torture
On his face.

They pump him full
Of blood and air
Then draw it out again
Into a plastic gutter
Pushing and sucking
His flesh,
Awaiting doctors orders.

And I count the minutes,
Selfishly longing for relief
Because I want them to
Put me out of my misery.

He feels no pain
And never more
Will he be unable to sleep.

Death is an insomniac's dream.

Poetry by Esti D-G
Read 756 times
Written on 2005-09-30 at 12:57

Tags Grief 

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i don't think anyone actually read this properly....this was so upsetting and so sad. you can tell that you are still in so much pain. and this is expressed so brutually raw in this poem.

sends much love

Commentally Ill
do insomniacs have dreams?

John Ashleigh
I dont find anything peaceful, as said in the last comment, I just find a twisted poem that edges for a better ending. It makes the reader think of who, and why it is being dreamt. Very powerful indeed.

Dark and powerfull. I recognized my self in it. But even though it was dark, I found something peacefull in it.
Very good poem!