All She Wants Is You...

She never wanted to have anything else but the one she loved...
He wanted nothing but that no good ho.
They all three went to the same school.
He never knew she liked him till one day...
He seen her locker, and it said i love him, but he loves someone else.
So he asked her what she felt about him and she said...
I relle do like you but you love the ho from my block... she also said i need you in my life...
They would always talk to each other and they became best friends and even more

Love always...

The Unforgiven

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 377 times
Written on 2006-10-21 at 22:23

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wow! what a great poem!!! i feel it! i feel what the poem is saying!!! i felt like that once....well anyways wonderfuly writtin!!!