in response to R.

RESPONSE: "Students are spoon fed the same old things..."

Students are spoon fed
the same old things.
everyday seems longer
than the last.
they loathe the simplicity
of it all yet crave it
just the same.
they all claim to have
the same answer to it
all, even though it isnt
really there.
they put on masks
in the class room
though some peer
behind theirs trembling
in fear.
they trudge about
and groan at mention
of the words "home"
and "work"
when the two are fused
together, but there are
a few who, beyond their
own maturity, see the reasoning
behind this place others call
because in the end
everything seems
to fall into place

Poetry by Justin M.
Read 982 times
Written on 2006-10-25 at 05:51

Tags Students  Hell  School 

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Yup, you got it! ;p


mentally penning a response...written version to come.