The response to an inspiration challenge

"In days of gloomy skies of depression and acid rain..."

In days of gloomy skies
of depression and acid rain
on you own parade we
call everyday life,
we look to the stars,
more so the heavens
for that glimpse of
eternity and inspiration
for an uplifting stride
to make our day worth while.
We see that some days
it alludes our sight
we glance and peer
to the best of our
ablility, but to no avail
until, in the darkest
of hours it reveals
itself to us.
A spotlight on an empty stage with us...
standing in the middle
comforting us with our
own little world of

Poetry by Justin M.
Read 995 times
Written on 2006-10-25 at 05:15

Tags Serenity  Heavens  Inspiration 

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