"What will be the reaction of the common man..."

What will be the reaction
of the common man
or woman who will
next read these words

the product of inspiration
scrawled onto a piece
of yellow sheets of
a legal pad

will it change the
world someday
boy i wish bot contentment
comes in a smaller package

being able to change
or touch just one persons
soul with the words transferred
by thought and deed

will it change their
world someday
that is all i need
in my short life thus far

to change, persay,
a single soul is something
the modern pile of nuts
and bolts will never do

through all the advancements
in this field the only thing
that can transform a person
on the inside...

Is the word straight
from the mind of the author
raw and unrefined it
is the best action

Poetry by Justin M.
Read 1007 times
Written on 2006-10-25 at 06:12

Tags Inspiration  Change  Reaction 

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