Shooting stars are beautiful, and yet they are disturbing...


Whenever I see a shooting star
Ricochet out of its orbit,
Pierce the pitch-black bosom
Of the gloomy night,
Leave behind a silvery trail
On the face of sky,

Strange stirring it evokes
Deep inside my soul,

Questions of bizarre nature
Rake up in my mind:

Is it the escape of star
From its daily drudge?

Or is it the beginning of
Another eternal grudge?

Will it just integrate
Into space?

No more.

When I see a shooting star,
It stirs me to the core.

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1567 times
Written on 2005-10-04 at 19:37

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Dan Cederholm

Hey Zoya this is a lovely poem!!!

The stars and cosmos is so amuzing to

think about and look at!!!

I am often dreaming away surrounding by

planets and stars, then I think about our

mortal bodies and immortal souls!

Regards and hugs Dan!!!


Sandy Hiss
This is really beautiful Zoya. I've never thought about shooting stars much but your poem has made think of them in a different light.

Zachary P. B.
That was beautiful. Very inspiring. I like how we wrote on the same thing, but through our different eyes we describe it differently. It is the awesomeness of humanity. Good job again.

I love this's true, one thing can have two very opposite consequences...try to to think too much about it :)))

Yes, shooting stars are a wonder to me also Zoya....almost sad to see, yet so beautiful and not at all ordinary. It is like they are spent, no more, a blaze of beauty that has ended its life, and is no more...somewhat makes me think of a life taken too soon....odd that it makes us feel such things heh? Maybe just a reminder to us of such sacred things as life and death.

oh...and such a beautiful poem to express these ponderings.

Love, BlueyedSoul

Isn't it good to have wonder in your heart, loving the beautiful wonders of the world. I love this poem.
2005-10-12 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
hi zoya zaidi... thanks for leaving me words... i appreciate it very much... xx

your poem:
i think ive seen a shooting star once but it was a fleeting moment really... stars mystify... and shooting stars even more... i dont know much about astronomy so cant say i know why there are shooting stars once in a while... about what it invokes in you, is it related to regional folklore or simply your personal observations on this phenomenon? i know i ask the strangest questions sometimes hehe... though i have to say your poem made me see a different perspective id never pondered upon before... i like that :) thanks for sharing this... im off into my thoughts about shooting stars... and im sure if i ever see another one, ill be thinking of you :)

later... xx

towards. Not "rowards" :)

A very beautifully expressed reflection.
We humans stand with our feet on the ground and our head rowards the sky...

Sofiul Azam
Another good impressive poem ... Anyway, what do you wish to have straight off whenever you see a shooting star? As you are an Indian, I can't but ask you this question which you may think to be odd.

very wonderful poem. makes you want to sit and be still and just wonder about these types of things. i've noticed on your poetry page, you've only got 3 poems, please post some more as i would love to read some more of your work :)

shooting stars are ok. shooting people (bang bang, i don't mean lol)/shooting stars that are people... are what get to me. this is really good. :)

Very good thought. Write it as you feel it. Never thought at looking at the stars this way. Keep it up.

Zoya Zaidi
Thanks casingtheday,I nticed that as soon as I posted.I was cerrecting it but you got there before me. Smart! Keep it up.

i liked the poem i found
it to be a good text t read

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
you are missing an n in the title inside the poem.

the word orbit i think would be better with a lower case o.

the first verse, i know you leave it open for continuation, but you begin to explore a thought, but do not follow through with anything at all, just when i see, and leave it at that. perhaps removing the ... here, use a comma and then go into the next two lines?

star capitlised i don't think it need it.

It will just integrate
Into space?

will it just...

plus the following three lines are a continuation of the ones before so you do not need the 2 question marks.