where lives the love now

where lives the love now
that once lived in you,
i cannot say...

where fades the embers?
where withers the rose?
where are the joys
my heart alone
where is the bliss,
in whose place,
sadness now flows?
to what bland shore
has fled the flame?
in what sombre tide
lies reason's blossoms,
all limp and lame?
where fades the sun?
where dies the moon?
i cannot say...

...but, if you,
o stranger, can say,
why weep these eyes,
why bleeds this heart;
if you can reveal
what autumn
and winter won't,
then tell me; tell me,
before my breath
from my being does part;
before my tomb
out of the earth does rise;
before i begin the search
of every corner and clime,
to find where lies
fissured time;
where lies affection's
broken rhyme;
tell me, o stranger, if you can,
tell me, where has gone
the dawn's enchanted face?
where has gone
the eve's hearthy embrace?
tell me, where dwells the bloom now,
that once dwelled in hearts
so close and true?
tell me, where resides the fire now,
that burns in souls, not many, but few?
tell me, o stranger, if you can,
tell me, where lives the love now,
that once lived in you?

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Written on 2006-11-04 at 14:39

Tags Longing 

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