I have seen a day

i have seen a day
when the shade lies,
silent as a stone
in the shadow
of a hand unknown;
i have seen a slope
where the graves are empty,
and those i love,
who once were taken,
are now no more
to the eve forsaken;
i have seen a light
that creeps from the west;
as a glimmer of hope
it drifts across every clime
and sight; it spreads
across the water and the vale;
across the ebon and the pale;
it covers every nook of strand;
every inch of stirring sand;
o death, o darkness,
sings the tide,
sings the shore on every side;
not again will you seek
to roam the land;
not again will you crave
to wither my hand;
not again will you chain
the corners of the earth
to grief and to sorrow;
not again - no - never again
will you dim the crags;
will you darken the cliffs
of today
and tomorrow

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Written on 2006-11-14 at 18:35

Tags Hope 

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