on the bleeding edge

on the bleeding edge
of a rusting blade,
where a formless face
hides in a weeping shade,
there you will find love,
when the last eve is falling...

...on a fissured ledge
he will be lying,
his fading gaze
from the cries
of a drowning mage,
to the flame
of a burning page...

on the furthest ledge
of a forgotten space,
where a meandering mind
flees from an ancient find,
there you will find hope,
when the last crypt is calling...

on a broken edge
she will be standing,
her forsaken soul
falling from the centre
of a sin, falling
into an abyss, sinking
into the darkness,
deep within...

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Written on 2006-11-19 at 10:30

Tags Love 

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Zoya Zaidi
a very intense poem with a lovely imagery.
What is a mage, Indran?
Thanks for sharing!
Love, Zoya