I will not fall, i will not fade

i will not fall, i will not fade,
however dark the shadows
of the storm,
in my heart, i will allow
no doubt to form;
however loud the call of the eve,
through my thoughts,
i will allow no shade to weave;
into the fen of failure
i will not wade,
into my spirit of stone,
the night will not raid;
so i tell you,
i will not fade, i will not fall
whatever the tone of the toil;
whatever the sting of the coil,
for the ease of sloth i will not call,
against the strike of the fang,
i will raise a wall;
i will, through the wind,
the rain and hail,
extend my trail;
i will, through the mist,
the thorn and guile,
stumble another mile;
as the tempest rages
i will remain standing;
as the darkness approaches,
i will be saying,
oh, tide of trouble!
oh, wind of sorrow!
if you want me,
you must be
more demanding!

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Written on 2006-11-08 at 16:57

Tags Faith 

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as I read this I had South African music on in the background and it all made sense . The images crystal clear and I thought hey, this IS South Africa ! I then found out from your page that you are from Durban and that gave me a great big smile . Coincidences , huh? ;)
Great write this is . Both in flow and images . Thank you for taking me there .