shreds and splinters

after the hurt,
after the pain,
are all
that remain

shreds of the sun
lying on fragments
of a shore...
shreds of a tear
falling upon ruins
of a rose...
shreds of a heart
fading into shards
of a sin...

only shreds
nothing more,
only shreds
as before...

after the storm,
after the rain,
splinters are all
that remain

in a forgotten garden,
beneath a broken gate,
lie the splinters
of my fate;
in a burning house,
beyond a shattered pane
weep the splinters
of my rein;
in a haunted mead,
above a fissured knoll,
roam the splinters
of my soul

only splinters
nothing more
only splinters
as before...

after the balm
has turned to bane,
after the thorn
has become insane,
more shreds
and more splinters
are all that remain

as my love roams
through silver reeds,
into a shred of darkness,
i wander and fall;
as my moon swirls
through gilded meads,
across a shred of tide,
i stumble and crawl;
as regret fills every measure
of shade and light,
upon a splinter of ember,
i lay my limbs and sigh;
as hope turns from dusk to eve,
to endless night,
upon a splinter of weed,
i wait to die

only shreds
and splinters,
nothing more;
only shreds
and splinters
as before.

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Written on 2006-11-19 at 10:22

Tags Pain 

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