there, my love

there, my love,
in yon windy vale,
where the violets weep
and the daisies wail-;
there, where winters ago,
misery was born-;
there, in a crypt,
beneath the grass
and the thorn-,
there, where the weed
and the rose stand apart-,
there, lie the fragments
of my heart...

... there, my love
before the pale
of yon shredded sail,
there, where you sing
and you whirl
beneath the grieving moon;
there, where you laugh
and you swirl
beneath the sorrowing sun,
there, i lie where shadows meet;
there, i sleep beneath your misty feet;
there, my love, i will ebb
into the shadow of your deceit;
there, i will fade into the dimness
of the eve, yearning
never to breathe again,
for fear that another,
this pain upon me,
will repeat...

...there, my love
in yon rainy dale,
where sadness,
every eve,
relates a teary tale;
there, where ages ago,
sorrow, as a sigh,
upon the world
did dawn;
there, in a grave
wherein a shattered dream
lies forlorn;
there, where sin
and shade
lie not apart;
there, lies the ruin
of my heart

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Written on 2006-11-04 at 14:53

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