it was by the robin said,
that when a love is mute
and a smile is sombre,
a heaven will fall
into a crypt,
where, as it withers,
it will, every smile,

it was by the owl moaned,
that when a heart drifts
from the sun to the shade,
misery will rule,
until the last debt, in tears,
to lingering regret, is paid...

it was by the sparrow sung,
that he who promised a rose,
but gave only weeds and moss,
he will, one eve, yearn for that
which was once his,
but now is lost...

it was by the raven rued,
that when a world
turns from bliss to gray,
and a shore fades
from ebb to still,
a thorn will rise
from a grave,
where, as it weeps,
it will die...

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Written on 2006-11-05 at 09:59

Tags Love 

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Fantastic ! I love this original piece. Regards Steve.