september third

i want to write you

but i can't imagine you reading
something that i wrote
actually, that's just what i am able to do
i can imagine anything happening
but i can't allow it

i will experience everything
that got the character in the book just that down
for missing in life
for lacking and for conquering with loss of sleep

that he forgot why he was living

rewind time and you see something happy
you see choices and money
multiple choice, stiff grass and chlorined water
tropical weather, hot rain, steamy pollution, happy happy happy

tender loins
unsymmetrical ribs
and suddenly life is hopeful because
i have the ability of sleeping it off
shaking it off in the morning
filling my stomach on the valentine's day cards from february
a decade ago written in the mathbooks

and unless that works

i find my friend just above the stairs
in any kind of weather
because i make sense to everything she knows

Poetry by i should
Read 686 times
Written on 2006-11-05 at 22:40

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