september third

and that's how I fell

i do not know if it is fear
i do not want it to be fear
i fear nothing
in my dreams i am perfect and
fear is not present
darkness is safe and
the air is hot
the sky is falling
and i am falling without my parachute which
i forgot on the train back home
and the night is dark
let's take one of those flights to somewhere
and let's enjoy life and
let's be far away from fear
and nowhere in reach of
fear getting to our membranes

i wish it could be as easy as words
easily-typed words
letters that i just spit at myself and
it hits me in my own face as the wind hurries back to its twirling circle
over my head it twirls and twirls and it covers my face
just like it does not want to be shown

i will fight whatever gets me this way
and i will refuse to be robbed of my smile
from this moment on I am invincible

Poetry by i should
Read 671 times
Written on 2006-11-05 at 22:41

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