i juist like the idea of two perpectives, one story. i just cant think up a good ending. oh well.

love lost

he had built himself up to this moment, he had it all planned out. he would go in there and sweep her off her feet. but when he entered the room and saw her sleeping so peaceful and calm, it hit him with such force that he stopped in midstep. he willed his heart to stop beating so loud in his chest, for it would surely wake her. he hadnt planned on her being asleep. he took off his tophat and walked slowly to her side. he placed his hand on hers, and just knelt there, in silent thought. after what felt like an eternity, he decided he would give her a kiss on the forehead, be as he bent down, his long black hair brushed her faceand she stirred. he stepped back, startled. she did not wake so he placed the rose he had been holding next to her hand and fled without a sound.

she lay awake, not able to fall asleep. she knew he would be coming tonight, she had planned what she would do. but as she heard his footsteps in the hall outside her door, she grew nervous. she closed her eyes and pretended to be sleeping. she felt him come in and she willed her heart to stop beating so quick, for it would surely give her away. she had butterflies in her stomach as she felt him stop, uncertain. 'please dont leave' she urged him silently. She felt his hand upon hers. she cherished that moment. he stayed like that for what seemed an eternity, and she found herself almost slip into slumber when she felt him stand up and feel his face come near to hers. she felt his breath upon her neck. suddenly his hair brushed her face. she fought hard not to move, but couldnt help it. she moved her head and she felt him leap back. she hoped he was not startled but she knew he had been. she felt something at her hand, and she knew he had left. she willed herself not to cry, but she knew it didnt matter, he was gone.

outside, in the deserted snowy street, he walked away sadly. he knew he blew it, now she would never fall for him. he didnt know if she knew it was him, but he finaly knew that he really did love her

alone in her room, she sat up and picked up the rose. she sat in the dark and cried to herself. she knew she blew it, now he would probably never come back. did he know that she was really awake? she didnt know, but she finaly knew that she really did love him.

Short story by andrea
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Written on 2006-11-08 at 05:32

Tags Night  Rose  Love 

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Shraddha Manvi