for the greatest artist, peace activist, legend ever, we shall miss you forever, your legend lives on =(

rip john lennon

i dont believe in anything
i just believe in me
i dont like the way the world is going
its not the way that it should be
i only long for peace
just give it half a chance
we need less war, please
we need more love and more romance
i may have said we were bigger than jesus
but it seemed like it at the time
i just played guitar
and came up with words that rhymed
fans would scream for hours
we had to cut our concerts times in half
our fans looked so very odd...
i couldnt help but laugh.
ive been praised and criticized
by fools and sages, the whole lot
because my ideas were undisguised
ive tried to change the world
and its easy if you try
"imagine theres no heaven..
above us only sky"

"Pushing the barriers,
planting seeds
pushing so much
till someone disagreed.
and when he shot him down
the world stood still
i miss you john....
and i always will"

Poetry by andrea
Read 1049 times
Written on 2006-12-08 at 22:08

Tags Miss  Death  Lennon 

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Very great stuff-I love the Beatles..!!

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