its been 3 years since we were friends
since then her torment never ends

she sat next to me in class just so she could talk to my friends and be all 'im more popular than you. im not even going to give you any recognition' too bad it didnt bother me

old wounds reopened

of course you've no idea
why i cant look into your eyes
and believe me its not because im scared
ive lost all respect
that ive ever had for you
i cant believe there were good times that we shared
i used to look at you asa friend
who had a helping hand to lend
but now i cant look at you at all
i turned to you
when i felt blue
but you just stood there and let me fall
so now the friendship's over
but the hatred's just begun
i dont understand you...
you diss me just for fun.
i was good before i met you
i never swore but now i do
but i still dont drink or smoke
so im not cool enough for you
i try to do the right thing
i look away when you come near
you talk about me to my friends
just loud enough for me to here.
its sad that you dont realize
i dont care what you say
and my friends dont like you either
they wish you'd go away
you say you think you're ugly..
hate to tell you but its true
not only you're face but you're soul is too
if you had some self confidence
this wouldnt have happened to you

Poetry by andrea
Read 1080 times
Written on 2006-11-24 at 00:44

Tags Friend  Hate 

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Ex. friends can sometimes be the worst to be around for all sorts of reasons ignoring them can sometimes be the only answer, this is a very well written piece.