a story of my life and how it used to be. j/k.

Dear Writer.

I used to be like i was better than ne1else but now i act like i dont give a fuck.
I was going to be a cheerleader now i am a skter.
My life has changed BIG time.
I used to wear preppy clothes now i wear black and blue.
i listen to mostly punk rock emo and gothic.
My friends think i am like a wanna be goth.
But i am only wanting the inner me to come out.

love always,

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 379 times
Written on 2006-11-24 at 07:37

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what everybody tells me is just be ur self...be whatever u want so if u wanna be a skater be a skater if u wanna be a prep be a prep...if u wanna be gothic bc gothic theres nuttin wrong with it!! u will always be my best friend/sister forever!
luv ya sis!