The letter

The letter which opened up new worlds, new horizons. Lying on the kitchen table.

Her writing, a gentle cursive signature, was there and her name at the back of the envelope. It filled me with such an explosion of emotions, like a whirlwind of thought that spun round like a fortune wheel.

Shall I open it? I was toying with the thought for ten minutes, overcome by sudden fear of rejection. Fear that she will not take me back into the family, fear of being unwanted cold and lonely, trembling in the dark.

Finally, I opened it and read the first line on the page. She called me by my nickname. She wrote that I was a person that will always be loved, always will be many words of joy. Sparkled like bubbles in my mind as I then thoughtlessly jumped up and down.

Poetry by ceciliaviola
Read 1041 times
Written on 2006-11-24 at 16:47

Tags Relations  Family 

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