from past experiences

life lessons

start off innocent, excited
love life, dont care what people think of you
dont take fashion as a top priority
your friends wont judge you
and although its a cliché
if they do,
they're not your're friends
be careful in junior high
the drama isnt worth it
find some good friends
but dont forget about
your old friends
dont become one of the followers
dont feel the need to put other's down
because they're not as cool as you
dont feel the need to use bad words to get your point across
dont transform yourself into something you're not
dont hurt your close friends
what goes around comes around
dont betray a sweet person
because some day
when you decide to pick a fight with them
they'll win
and you'll fall
theres alot of things you dont know about people
dont judge them on how they look
dont even judge them on how they act
cuz maybe they're like you
living a double life
and above all, smile.
and mean it.

Words by andrea
Read 977 times
Written on 2006-11-26 at 08:05

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Great philosophy, and if you live by it you won't go far wrong. especialy liked the last line:) Thankyou . Regards Steve