After All These Years

After All These Years

After all these years
I find you at my side
28yrs ago I was your bride.
Who could have guessed
that we would make it last
I am filled with memories
of the years long past.
I often catch you stareing
and I ask you why
You know you still have that twinkle
In those beautiful blue eyes.
There were many rough years
Spent together you and I
Some that I remember
still brings tears to these eyes.
But still my heart
belongs to only you my love
You were a gift to me years ago
from god up above
You came into my life
when I needed you the most
From the moment we met
we were in love I boast.
Not many can compare
Your love for me is rare
Its me that you love
not the color of my hair
I see a handsome man
even more now then before
I am still as much in love with you
perhaps even a bit more.
Even after all these years
Your Love you say is mine
Thank you God
For sending me
a man who treats me kind.
My heart will always beat
for him only I say again
Even after all these years
your my lover
my husband
My Best friend.

TO Glen for 28yrs married
I love you baby

Written by Jean Marie Boudreau

Poetry by Jean Marie Boudreau
Read 848 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 10:12

Tags Love 

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Terriffic job! Loved it!

oh wow, i hope me and my buck is like that in 40 years time :)

lovely poem, very tender and very loving.

Greaat expressions of love. I like the poem.

Sofiul Azam
Fine! a very passionate poem which you have created with your life itself.

But I would have been happier if you had gathered all of its thoughts and feelings in a more artistic way than this. Anyway, this is my personal point of view which shouldn't bother you.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
28 years, that's a long time :) nice to see people still together after such a time when a lot nowadays split in early times.

stareing - staring
its me - it's me
now then before - now than before

you have god small case in one part and then god capitlised in another?

your my lover - you're my lover