A Distant Dream

Please Don't let me fall in love
it's the last thing I want to do
there are already feelings I have
that belong to only you.

I know you can never love me,
not the way I am loving you.
I'm not your kind of woman,
the kind that your use to.

What I have with you,
i don't have with others.
it might have turned out differently
if we we're to
have ever became lovers.

I don't ever want to lose it
what you and i have shared
So I must not fall in love with you
that is one thing for sure
I don't even dare.

I can not speak for you
what you may feel inside
Just for my own feelings
and they are something
I must always hide.

I know in my heart
if you had feelings like I do
I would already know about them
knowing you the way I do.

So I will stay contented
just to remain as your friend
and if someone were to ask me
how I felt I would just pretend.

Understand I could not bear it
if you knew how I really feel
to face the possible rejection
I can't comprehend you see
because my love is very real.

Therefore from a distance
I can hold on in my own way
to the distant dreams I have
of perhaps a different day.

written by Jean Marie Boudreau

Poetry by Jean Marie Boudreau
Read 722 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 10:15

Tags Hope 

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Zoya Zaidi
So true!!! It's more like telling yourself:'Don't go and fall in love!!' and yet, the heart does not listen to you!! -It does exactly that-goes and falls in love!!!--- The 'fear of rejection' is another feeling which just prevents us from expressing our selves... But I think: When in Love, always tell the other person-you love him- or/sometimes it is too late!!!

Continue to dream and continue to realize your dream.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
sometimes all we can do is love and admire someone from afar, for whatever reasons.

Don't - don't
your use to - you're used to
capital i then small i!
we're - were
became - become