As I sit here in the early morning quiet all alone
As I sit here thinking of you, of us
I cant help but worry about our lives
I cant help but worry about our loves
I try to shake the vision of sadness from my mind
I try to shake the thoughts of failure from my heart
Desperate for a chance to hold onto something shared
Desperate for a chance to try once more
But I'm left with so much confusion in my soul
But I'm left with so much love for you
And I know that there will come a day soon
And I know that there is so much more to see
I'll find comfort, peace of mind , lasting love
I'll find forgiveness from our father up above
For at last I am not blind yes i can see
For at last I can understand the urgency
And on that day I will be reborn anew
And on that day we will feel the pain no more
All at once the clearness of what once was blind
All at once I'll know that your forever mine
I will drop down on my knees and thank our lord
I will drop down on my knees and know his love
Then as I sit here in the early morning all alone
Then I will realize the magic I've been shown
I can love you dear for from now on until I'm called
I can sense every touch even if its very small
And feel satisfied inside to have you in my life
And be content with knowing that you chose me for your wife
I will never have to ever feel empty again no never more
God had placed us both together safe on shore
you have me to walk with hand in hand
I 'll have you to protect me the best that you can
Perfect thoughts between us you and I
He has allowed us both to see things eye to eye
So if you see tears upon my cheek dear I'm not sad
The tears of joy that I shed are meant for me to have
I now know that it is just as it was meant for it to be
God picked me for you and you for me.

written by Jean Marie Boudreau

Poetry by Jean Marie Boudreau
Read 777 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 14:48

Tags Happiness 

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lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
just found this one
and found it so warm and truthful about your love and how precious it is
love of itself is a precious feeling and you have captured it well regards

Michael A Meddings

*claps hands in amazement*
i even feel kinda wrong for what i see as an interruption of the love in this page, here on my screen, but i just had to say....you clearly have found your true soulmate :) and i hope all best for you and your husband, though i think you've already got it :)