Dedicated to my friend Tammy Fields

Remember The Tears In My Eyes

I remember a time when you loved me
at least that is what you once said
there are things now I just can;t believe
because you chose to tell me lies instead
don't bother to tell me your reasons
It will not make a difference you see
I am tired of hearing your lies
It's now over what was once you and me
Please do not ask me if I still Love you
The answer you get will only hurt
I can say that at once time I did though
but now your love has just turned to dirt
Will you even care what I am saying
or am I just waisting my breath
Please take the things that are yours
I am ready to clean up this mess
Regardless of what you may tell me
you see I now know the real truth
What I thought was ours forever
will never be so just go what's the use
from this day on I am changing
No longer will you be in my life
although it hurts me to say this
you can go back to your kids and ex-wife
I will never again feel the same way
Like I did when I thought that you cared
so when one day you look and dint find me
Just remember the time I was there
Never again will you smile
you know that you had it all
How long did you think my love I would take this
just to sit there and keep being shoved
so now I accept it is really over
I hope on those cold empty nights you think of me
you once had real love yes not pretend
and You will never see my tears fall again
I will never forget the mean things you told me
Yes forever they will stay in my heart
So that I will always remember
Just what it was that split us apart
Finally I want you to know this
you will never get over me
to throw away all those feelings
was so stupid you have to agree
there is no one to blame for your actions
but you and you know its the truth
so remember These tears in my eyes
as I now close this chapter on you.

written by Jean Marie Boudreau

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Poetry by Jean Marie Boudreau
Read 706 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 10:27

Tags Sadness 

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tahir baban
Wards are coming from a heart that once was filed with love
Times burned that love and seems like like ashes in the stove