Dont be like omg did she kill her self.... no i didn't this is how i feel!

Dear Writer (Finish Of Part Two)

As I Sit Here Listen To AFI I Think Of Wat Happens Next.
Wondering If I Will Ever See My Brother Agagin.
Or If I Even Get To See My Sisters Baby.
As I Sit Here Asking Myself If I Will Even See Tomorrow.
Or If I Will Get To Say Any Good Byes.
Will I End Up Like My Brother, And His Dad.
Am I Next To Die?
Will I Die Like A Movie Star.
Or Be Drove Away In A Fire Truck Like Micky.
Will I Even Get To See Tha Guy i Loved For So Long?
Will I Beable To Say Anything When I Meet Him.
Will I Do Anything To Hurt Myself Or Will I Do anything To Hurt Anyone else.
This Is Tha Finish Of Part Two.

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 339 times
Written on 2006-12-03 at 11:13

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wow...not all that sure what to say about this one sis! lost of wonderful ?'s though! great work! keep up the wonderful work! :D