This Is Made By Brooke But Told By ....once again NOT TOLD BY BROOKE!

Why Do We Cut?

We Cut Because Our Life Is Messed Up.
We Cuz Cuz We Dont Wanna Live Like This.
We Do This Cuz Some Of Us Just Want To Be Seen.
We Do This To Go In To A Differnt World.
Some Of Us Do It So Tha Pain Will Make Our Sadness Go Away.
Some Do It Becuz They Love The Pain And They Are Used To It.
I Did It Cuz I Wanted To Get Out Of This World.
And Look Where i Am At Now I Die Cuz I Cut My Wrist.
They Call Us A No One.
But We Are One.
We Cut So We Dont Have To Deal With This World And Tha Drama In It.
I Died Becuz Love Went Wrong Some Where.

This Is The,

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 349 times
Written on 2006-12-03 at 11:24

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that is very true brooke! well writtin!