Second part is coming after i eat.

Why Does Love Have To Die?

We Are No.
We Are No... One.
We Are One.
She Said As She Was Talking To Her Love Of Her Life.
Her Friends Told Her To Move On But She Did What He Wanted To Do.
He Died In Her Arms That Night.
She Sat There And Sung To Him.
When She Was Thinking Of Him She Would Sing...
We Are No.
We Are No... One.
We Are One.
She Said That She Would Only Move On If They Could Talk Again.
So That Night She Bowed Her Head To Pray And He Heard Every Word Of What She Said.
She Said "I Would Love To Hear His Voice Again Or Be Able To Talk To Him, But He Is Dead So I Will Never Move On Will I Lord?"
So That Night When She Was Asleep He Sent A Letter To Her.
And She Was The Only One Who Could Read It.
She Started To Cry Cuz She Loved Him And Then She Said "Okay Babe I Will Find Someone More Like you But I Will Always Love You!"
She Asked Ger Self Will He Wait For Me Till The End Of Time Or Find An Angel That He Loves? Will He Forget Bout Me? Will He Make Any More Good Friends?"
She Was Saying That To Her Self She Sees A Tear That Was not Hers She Was Not Crying But The Angle Of Her Love Was Crying.
She Said "Babe Is That You??"....

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 434 times
Written on 2006-12-05 at 01:48

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great poem sis!!!!! i loved it!!! u r such a wonderful writer!!!:D

Dark Angel
Wow this is awesome sissy!!! I dont see how you think I write so good if you look at your writing. Great job!!!!

love ya like a sis!!

I think this would read easier without the capital on each word. But it was a probing sweet poem all the same. In answer to the titles question. I don't love ever dies. as one very wise man said to me once. people die, but love never dies. Love is something magical and indefinable imo But I would not be without it, no matter the pain of temporary seperation, love is worth every drop of blood spilt, metaphorically of course. I look forward to reading your after lunch menu, smiling at you, Tai