Why Does Love Die? (Part Two)

The Angel Sang...
We Are No.
We Are No.. One.
We Are One.
She Girl Started To Sang But Then The Angel Said
"Baby Plz Move On I Wont Forget You I Have Alot Of Friends Up Here And I Am In A Good Place. Bye Baby I Wont Forget Bout You."
She Started To Cry As She Did When She Full Filled His Last Wish.
His Last Wish Before He Died Was To Die In Her Aems So She Held Him Till He Die In Her Arms Like He Wanted To.
She Said She Will Never Foreget That Night.
She Did All She Could To Not Tell Anyone Bout What Heppend.
Every Time She Would See His Old Friend She Would Just Cry.
They Said There Where There For Her If She Needed Anything But One Night She Seen A Person Laying In A Bed It Was Her.
She Died Of Lonelyness.
But She Will Always Be With The One She loved.

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 348 times
Written on 2006-12-05 at 02:36

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wow!! wonderfully written! :D