Death On The Inside.

She Was Sitting There Telling Me How She Got Put Where She Was That Day, That Year ,Forever.
She Said....
" I Am In Here Cuz I Cut My Wrist 36 Differnt Times. I Almost Died."
I Asked Her
"Would You Have Done It If You Know Wat Was Going To Happen?"
She Said " I Didn't Have Anyone To Look Up At So Yes I Would Have Still Cut My Wrist, No Matter What."
I Went Out Of The Room To Think Of What She Said.
When I Came Back In She Was Crying.
I Wanted To Know Wat Was Wrong.
She Told Me That Her Mom Killed Her Dad Then Killed Herself.
She Tryed To Kill Me But I Ran.
When You Walked In Here Today You Got Cursed.
She Said A Remark That Scared Me.
She Said
"What Out When You Walk Out That Door You Will Die."
As I Walked Out I Said "Your A Crazy Bitch."
And When I Walked Out I Died.

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 358 times
Written on 2006-12-05 at 07:25

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wow! what a great poem!!! i loved it sis!!! keep the wonderful work up!!
your sis forever