the joy of finding love; of being lost in its spell; wanting it to last forever; sometimes it will; sometimes though dark clouds gather, ill winds blow...

love stands on a cliff

love stands on a cliff,
hope lies on a shore;
love is a forsaken wheel,
hope, a broken keel;

love once, pleasured highways roamed;
hope once, honeyed waters sailed;
love through dusky lanes danced;
hope, past dreamy isles regailed;

love was eternal,
hope was faithful;
the heavens were starred,
the earth was unmarred;
the road was horizonless,
the currents were endless;

joy abounded;
bliss surrounded;
embraces uncounted;
whispers untainted;
love was a glorious summer's view;
hope was a bouquet of colours
so perfect and so true;

all was well,
all was complete;

then came a cloud,
then came a wind;
darkness gathered,
turmoil brewed;
sadness, once afar scattered,
became miseries accrued;

a mistake made,
a temper that will not fade;
a thought that did offend,
a hurt that will not mend;

storms have raged,
storms have passed;
still, the dark skies remain,
their gloom, a curse to last,
to linger as a new axle,
to linger as a new mast;

alone a lover sits;
alone a lover weeps,
while afar, in a greyness,
a lighthouse lies a wreck,
a barrier lies a ruin;
a light slain by words insane,
a winding torn by a rush of pain;

heaven that was, is no more;
earth that was, is no more;
they cannot be what they were before;

the highway is silent,
the waters haunted;
the lanes are empty,
the isles lonely;

gone is the joy, gone is the bliss;
gone are the embraces, gone are the whispers;
all gone, gone...

some day,
the wheel will turn again;
some night,
the keel will course the sea again;
some dawn,
hope will breathe again;
some dusk,
love will live again;

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Written on 2005-10-16 at 10:12

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John Ashleigh
At the start of your poem, I was happy and smiling along with your stanzas. As the poem grew gloomy, so did my smile, I didn't seem to have joy in me. Your poem soaked me of my joy, as I think it was meant to.

This is a very powerful poem, and I congratulate you for I am going to give you a steady 5 for this. Looking forward to other poems like this.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
perhaps, aye. love is a crazy mixed up potion, high one minute and low the next, tugging lives, stretching them into weird shapes.

i am not usually liking poetry that holds lots of repetition unless a form poem, as they don't usually work well, but this does.