no one is really alone; even the raven can be your friend, if you will only see it

alone, alone !

as the day turns to night,
and the raven from yon
amber perch takes flight,
the wanderer lowers his gaze
from the redness of a rusted eve
to the murmurs of a stream's weave;
as a tear flees his eye
and falls onto a leaf floating by,
the wayfarer thus laments: alone am I !
alone as a cursed weed on a cliff's barren ledge;
alone as a roseless thorn on life's friendless edge;
alone, alone !

as fall turns to winter,
and the raven descends upon yon
ebon and naked splinter,
the wanderer lifts his gaze
from the sands of a shore forlorn
to the dimness of a sombre dawn;
as, from his heart, there escapes a sigh,
that falls on a wind drifting by,
the wanderer thus despairs : alone am I !
alone as a castaway on a reef
pondering will I live or die ?
alone as an unwanted child
on a roadside wondering why;
alone, alone !

as life turns to death,
and the wanderer in yon
gray and sallow grove
suffers his last breath,
the raven turns its gaze
from the sky's unseeing girth
to the meads and the slopes
of unweeping earth;
as, from its breast, there rises a cry,
that falls on apathy passing by,
the raven thus sorrows : alone he was !
alone as a sinking ship
on a wild and windy sea;
alone as a soul on a building's edge
hoping, the pavement, a better place will be;
alone, alone !
alone, alone !

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Written on 2005-10-16 at 20:07

Tags Loneliness 

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